Maybe you’re a regular church-attender. Maybe you have sworn off the idea of church entirely. Maybe you are “kicking the tires” of faith, but you’re afraid of being singled out and judged. Here’s the bottom line:


We believe people matter to God. You matter to God.


No matter where you stand in your relationship with God, you are welcome here. Let’s talk about what you can expect on a typical Sunday at Access.

Sunday mornings are the absolute best part of the week. Every Sunday at Access:

Our band will play some loud music. It’s great.

Someone will pray and say hello.

We’ll receive Connection Cards and give people a chance to give. If it's your first time with us, please feel no obligation to give.

One of our pastors will share a message.

After about an hour, the service will be over. If you have any questions about anything that happened, swing by Guest Services in the lobby. The friendly people there can answer any questions you have!

On Sundays, we also have a place designed just for kids. At Access Kids, your children will learn about God’s love for them through age-appropriate lessons, well-crafted teachings, and caring adult leadership.

Still have questions? Take a look at where Access Church has been.

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